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   Facts about FACTS

The Florida Adoption Connections Truth and Support group (also known as FACTS) was founded in 2013. We meet on the second Saturday of the month. Currently we are meeting virtually via Zoom each month. Please go to the CONTACT page to request more information or to sign up to attend the meeting online. 


Prior to the pandemic, we met in a private room at the Devos-Blum Family YMCA of Boynton Beach, 9600 S. Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL 33436


We provide support to all adult persons connected to adoption, foster care, and donor conception.  Our support group is unique in that our members are from the entire adoption community/triad (adoptees, parents who have relinquished, and adoptive parents). 

We feel it is important to be able to talk with and get support and encouragement

from people who understand and just "get it".


Come to a meeting to share your story, make connections, and be supported in your journey.  Stop by a meeting - you don't even have to stay for the entire time. You are welcomed to bring significant others and friends for support. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Support Group Facilitators

Macy Oosthuizen

Founder & Facilitator

The FACTS group was founded and is facilitated by Macy Oosthuizen, LCSW (pronounced wist-hay-zen). She is a licensed clinical social worker and co-founder of Center for Mindful Families - an outpatient therapy center in West Palm Beach, FL specializing in children and teens. As a therapist, Macy specializes in working with individuals of all ages who are connected to adoption and donor conception as well as LGBTQ children, teens and adults. 


She is an adoptee and for over 20 years has mentored other adoptees of all ages, birth/first parents, adoptive parents as well as many others who are not biologically connected to the family that raised them (donor conceived folks, people raised in foster-care, etc.).

As a lobbyist, Macy has testified before state congressional hearings to help adoptees gain access to their original birth certificates. She has also met with many state and National representatives all over the U.S. to help our leaders understand the impact and importance of post-adoption issues.


Macy is currently on the board of FLARE - Florida Adoption Reform & Education.  She has also created and conducted workshops and seminars for conferences all over the United States.

Support Group Meeting Dates

We have suspended all meetings as of March 2021.

Normally, we meet online via ZOOM 11am -2pm

the 2nd Saturday of each month. 

2021 DATES

Sat. Jan 9

Sat. Feb 13

Sat. Mar 13 - NO MEETING

Sat. Apr 10 - NO MEETING

Sat. May 8

Sat. Jun 12

Sat. Jul 10

Sat. Aug 14

Sat. Sep 11

Sat. Oct 9

Sat. Nov 13

Sat. Dec 11

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