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We are support group based in

Palm Beach County, FL.


We provide support to adult persons



connected to adoption,



foster care, and donor conception.


PLEASE NOTE: We have suspended all meetings for March and April 2021. 

Please click this button to sign up or to get more information:

Be around others who understand.

 If you are facing in the right direction,

all you need to do is keep walking.  

~Buddhist Saying

What We Do

Books, Articles
& Resources

The founder of FACTS, Macy Oosthuizen, LCSW, was interviewed on the popular International podcast, ADOPTEES ON for their healing series.
The Healing series consists of interviews of adoptees who are also therapists. 
Click on the picture to listen or subscribe where you get your podcasts.
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FACTS holds a monthly support group meeting the 2nd Saturday of every month 2pm-5pm at The DeVos-Blum Family YMCA of Boynton Beach.


Feel free to stop by.  It is free and there are no membership fees.


You can, however, choose to donate to FACTS to help us offset the costs of the meeting room, etc.

Search Support & Resources

Are you looking to find your biological family?

We do offer guidance and support as well as can help with resources.


While on your post-adoption/foster care/donor conception journey, we can also provide a vast list of resources from conferences to attend, books, blogs and articles to read, movies and videos to watch as well as info from recent research.

Monthly Support
Group Meetings
You are not alone

The group is facilitated by Macy Oosthuizen, LCSW. She is a therapist in West Palm Beach, FL. She is an adoptee and for over 20 years has mentored other adoptees of all ages, birth/first parents, adoptive parents as well as many others who are not biologically connected to the family that raised them (donor conceived people and their parents, people raised in foster-care, etc.).


You will be around compassionate, caring people who understand you.

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